Request of Membership and Baptism

As a church of Jesus Christ, Yorkton Alliance Church accepts baptism and membership as a sign of commitment to Jesus Christ and a commitment to be connected to His body, the church. You can make a request for baptism and membership through this link.

Update of Membership

Our church does a membership update once a year to keep track of who is in the church. Through this, the church identifies active members, inactive members, honorary members, and youth members.
Having membership requires baptism. If you are not baptized yet, please request Baptism first. 

Membership Update Form

Request of Membership

The privilege of believers is to know Jesus Christ, to serve His body, the church, and to fellowship with the church. Therefore, to have church membership is to be a part of the body of Jesus Christ, to share in His ministry, and to participate in the expansion of the kingdom of God. We invite you to do this. Baptized believers can request membership in the church, and the membership process consists of two membership training and one interview. Upon completion of the membership process, you will be declared a member of the church during a worship service.  You need to be baptized if you want to request Membership. 

Request for the Membership

Request of Baptism

Baptism is a ceremony in which a person who has been saved by faith in the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ confesses before God and the Church his or her decision and commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Therefore, a person who has made that decision may be baptized by profession of faith. For baptism, you will have a baptismal interview (30 min.) with the pastor to confirm your faith prior to the baptismal service.
Our church also allows for immediate church membership at baptism. In this case, you will have two membership classes before the baptismal ceremony, and an interview with the pastor and two elders the week before the baptism for an affirmation of faith and an understanding of Alliance Church Canada membership.

Request for the Baptism

Reflections on the meaning of Baptism

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior and would like to be baptized, we invite you to read our Reflections on Baptism and prepare for your baptismal interview.

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